Kindle vs Kobo

Amazon’s Prime day made me take the jump into the eReader world. I regret taking this long! I didn’t think I’d enjoy reading on a dedicated device but—I’m hooked!


One thing though:
The “off” screen is a bunch of pen caps. Ridiculous.


So I got a Kobo.

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Say you were driving on a 100 km/h speed limit highway. If you were to speed at 120 km/h you would get to your destination an hour early—if your destination was 600 km away.

How many minutes do I save if I speed?

Most people go 120 km/h on a good day at minimum. But it’s not uncommon to see people go 130 km/h. Is the extra 23 mins in a ~5 hr trip really worth it?

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How fitting that after booting up this rom after 15+ years, during a thunderstorm, the first Pokémon I randomly catch is Zapdos.

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Anti-vaxxers: “If vaccines work then why are you afraid of my unvaccinated child”
Even if they were previously vaccinated, you could kill cancer patients and immunosuppressed adults, not to mention all newborns (before 6-12 months)

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I found this in my grandma’s old photo album. I had my own shopping cart! LOL. I hope there’s a home video of me pushing it around somewhere.

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