Jesse Pelley

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Jesse Pelley


Born Jesse Jonathon James Pelley
August 24, 1991 (age 27)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater St. Lawrence College, Ontario (MLS)
Occupation Pathologists' Assistant, MLT
Employer Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory
Years active 2011-present
Hometown Madoc, Ontario, Canada

Jesse Jonathon James Pelley (born August 24, 1991) is a Canadian healthcare professional and general tech geek. He is not very well known but perhaps one day he can be on Wikipedia proper.

Early life and education

Jesse was born in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and attended Template:First School for junior kindergarten until half way through the year he moved to live with this grandmother and grandfather in rural Ontario. From there he developed allergies and a subsequent aversion to the outdoors. This lead Jesse to spend plenty of time with nonallergenic materials such as silicon and LCDs.

Jesse attended Centre Hastings Secondary School and was a member of the rugby team, jazz band and cross-country. His favourite classes were Biology, French, and World History. Upon graduating he earned 3 out of the 4 "bars" available for achievement—Academic performance, Athleticism, and something else.

He completed a 3-year diploma at St. Lawrence College in Medical Laboratory Science.

Laboratory career

Montfort Hospital

Jesse was accepted at Hôpital Montfort, Ontario's only francophone hospital, as a student and employee. To supplement his non-paid internship he worked as a technician where he would procure and prepare blood specimens. Finally working as a certified MLT he especially enjoyed 'manning' the lab where he would simultaneously and blissfully receive, prepare, and run specimens on up to 8 different analyzers while his colleagues were on their lunch hour.

The Ottawa Hospital

Amidst the consolidation of healthcare across the province, some labs were moved to larger institutions. When the pathology lab moved from Montfort to The Ottawa Hospital the opportunity for another lab career arose. Jesse began working as a pathologist assistant where he was shown how to cut and slice nearly every organ and tissue. Although a great departure from reporting blood tests, Jesse continues to study lab medicine as a whole and works with other lab professionals to deliver patient care in a dynamic growing field.