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Purchased movies from the iTunes store can be downloaded. When iTunes finishes the download it applies FairPlay encryption to the movie file so that only iTunes can play it with your Apple ID.

You've legally purchased a movie but the terms and conditions with DRM restrict you to playing that movie on limited devices. Worse, if you don't download the file and only rely on streaming from the iTunes store (using the Apple TV) you can lose access to the movie forever whenever the owner of the movie 'pulls' it from the store, even though you've paid for it.

iTunes from time to time offers deals on movies from $10 or less.

iTunes (Without DRM)[edit]

Removing DRM

To remove the FairPlay DRM you need:

  • Requiem 4.1
  • iTunes 10.7

Ideally you should use a computer or virtual machine dedicated to this process because iTunes must not be updated

Make sure you can watch the movie in iTunes 10.7 first before proceeding. After iTunes is running click on Store > Sign in, then enter your Apple ID. If you get an error, check another device for Second Factor authentication. You'll get a prompt to allow the login on your iPhone (for example) then a code. Sign in to iTunes again but this time append the second factor code shown in the prompt on your iPhone to the end of your password.

Now repeat the above steps but click on Store > Authorize. You should get a prompt similar to "Authorized 3 out of 5 devices"

Open Requiem. It will prompt you to install Java if not already installed. It will also prompt you to close iTunes if you left it open.

Immediately it reads your iTunes library file and scans for DRM movies and starts to decrypt them. Under task manager a process called "decrypt_track" should be taking up a decent amount of CPU while it's working.


When done it sends the original movie to the recycle bin and the new DRM free file is left in its place.

Requiem will prompt you to install Java if not already installed.

Keep an eye on Task Manager. If your task manager doesn't compare to this screenshot, especially the disk activity, then the Requiem may be 'stuck'. If the "decrypt_track" process is running but there's no disk activity, it's an indicator that something is wrong with how iTunes stored the encryption keys. When this happened to me I had to quit all Requiem processes and start up iTunes and try playing the movie a second time, then starting again.

It finished one 1080p movie in 10 minutes (~8.0 MB/s)