using Edge as a default browser on iPad Pro. It’s silly that none of the other major browsers have “View as desktop” as a default option that actually works. Also, Edge is surprisingly buttery fast.

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I finally got a GameCube adapter for the Nintendo Switch in preparation for Smash Bros. Ultimate! I just got it working on my mac. Now I’m inspired to dust off my Wii U to get a library of GC games going! 🕹 🎮

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Freedom Mobile

I’ve had a quite strange experience with Freedom Mobile this weekend. I’m a returning  customer excited to make use of features that weren’t available last time—namely LTE, WiFi Calling and iMessage. Everything worked well! After calling and texting a few friends I decided, yes, I am willing to give the low-cost carrier another chance.

So last night I made the jump and texted all my contacts my new number. I messaged about 80 people. I wanted to make sure people got my new number because the last time that I changed it, I didn’t bother to let people know and I lost touch with some. (Deleting facebook the same year did not help.)

Which leads me to why I’m writing this post. Of the ~80 people I texted only 10 replied back… a bit disheartening! I get it, it was 10pm on a Saturday night. But as time passed I started to feel that people were most definitely annoyed with me about changing my number. Sorry? ):

Then I realized a pattern. The people that replied were all using iMessage. I had not gotten a single SMS since switching. Strange!

So I asked Mike to send a SMS to my new number. Nothing.

Then it happened! Someone replied back. But not me!

The number that Freedom Mobile assigned me—the one I made a few calls from and that I texted about 80 contacts with—was someone else’s number. How?

Tired and very confused I quadruple checked the number.

So we called “my” number and sure enough the guy answered.

How Freedom did this I still have no idea but after apologizing to this poor guy (in advance of what I’m sure are going to be many confused phone calls and texts) I decided to give them a call.

“Please enter your mobile number” …

“Sorry, that number is invalid. Please enter your Freedom Mobile number.”

Well, no shit.

If you’re reading this—I am sorry. But perhaps it provides an explanation for any confusing conversation you may have had. Yes that text you got last night from a new unfamiliar number was from me. But if you replied to it or called it you’ll get someone else. The only thing I can do is wait until Freedom fixes it.

This jpg bothers me. The stars actually appear to twinkle when moving it (zooming, panning) even though it’s a still image. #ottawa

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